What are you wondering? To help you use our platform, we’ve collected answers to some frequently asked questions. Familiarize yourself with them, and if you do not find an answer to the question you are interested in, please contact us. Do not forget to read the rental conditions of each listing before booking. It will have everything you need to know before renting your perfect vehicle.

1. What driver’s license is required?

The type of driver’s license depends on the regulations in the country you’re visiting and the vehicle you want to rent. Detailed information can be found in the rental rules of each rental company. Usually, to rent a car, you’ll need a category B driver’s license. To rent a motorcycle, it is usually a category A or A1. When it comes to scooters up to 125 cc, sometimes it is a category B license, and sometimes it’s category A, depending on the country. An international driver’s license is required in some countries.

2. Do I need to have an international driver’s license to rent a vehicle?

Whether you need an international driver’s license or not depends on the country in which you plan to rent a vehicle. Please read the local regulations before traveling. We always recommend having an international driver’s license because it is respected in many countries.

3. What documents are needed to rent a vehicle?

You will need a credit card and ID or passport to make a reservation and a rental deposit. To collect your vehicle, you will need the following:

  • An email with a confirmation of your booking
  • A credit card or cash to make any remaining payments and leave a security deposit (depending on the conditions of the particular rental company, credit cards and/or cash may be accepted).
  • A valid identification card and driver’s license, which must be shown at the rental company.

    The booking process is usually quick and efficient. However, we suggest that you read the Rental Rules before booking to make sure there are no additional requirements.

    4. Can I cancel my reservation?

    In most cases, you’ll receive a full refund if you cancel your reservation before picking up the vehicle. However, some providers have different rules. For example, free cancellation may only be possible up to a specific time before pickup. If you cancel after this time, you may not receive a refund. If you cancel your booking after you start renting, you will usually not receive a refund.

    If you have already picked up the vehicle, you must contact the location directly. Its telephone number will be on your rental contract.

    5. When do I pay for the rental, and what about the deposit?

    Usually when booking, you only make a partial payment to secure your reservation. However, some companies require full payment during booking process. You will pay the remaining amount (if there is any) and the security deposit directly at the rental company or to vehicle owner when collecting the vehicle. Your deposit will be refunded when the vehicle is returned, provided it is in the same condition

    6. What if I damage the vehicle or it’s stolen?

    We suggest contacting the rental company/vehicle owner as soon as possible. Depending on the contract you have signed, you may or may not be charged. It depends on the type of insurance and rental regulations. Full insurance against theft or damage is usually available at an additional cost. If the vehicle does not have full insurance, you may be charged for repair costs. Please always read the regulations before booking.

    7. How many days before my planned stay should I make reservations?

    If you’re planning your stay during the peak of the tourist season, then it is best to make a reservation a few months before arrival. Sometimes, the availability of vehicles is limited, especially the availability of touring motorcycles and unusual vehicles.

    If you’re planning a trip during low season and want to rent a popular motorbike or car, book a few days before arrival. However, if you are planning a motorcycle trip in peak of season, it is best to make a reservation a few months before. The same is true for hotels. Remember that the best offers disappear the fastest.

    8. What should I pay attention to when collecting the vehicle?

    Upon pick up, please check the vehicle thoroughly and take photos or video. Hold onto the pictures until you return the vehicle. These photos will help avoid confusion and doubt when returning the vehicle. In particular, please pay attention to the following:

    • Scratches and damage to the vehicle, especially on the bodywork and windows
    • Tire condition (that they aren’t too worn and have air)
    • Kilometers on the meter
    • Amount of fuel
    • Vehicle cleanliness

    9. How far can I go with the rented vehicle?

    Some rentals impose a mileage limit, and you will pay extra for additional kilometers. However, some offers do not have a mileage limit. Information on the mileage limit can be found in the Rental Rules. Please remember to read the rental rules before booking.

    10. Are all fees included in the rental price?

    Most rentals include insurance, motorcycle helmets, and an additional driver. If you plan to return the vehicle to another location at night or would like to get a GPS, a child seat, or additional services, you will usually be asked to pay extra. The fees for additional services can be found in the regulations of the individual offer.

    If you want to extend your rental for a few additional days or return the vehicle outside the office hours of the rental company, please contact the rental company directly to see if it is possible and what the cost will. You will pay additional costs directly to the supplier.

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